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Krishnamurti on Doubt

September 14, 2022

‘Most of us so easily accept things, especially in religious and so-called spiritual matters, where authority assumes it knows and that you don't know. But it is necessary to discover what truth is, and for this there must be doubt.’

This week’s episode on Doubt has three sections.

The first extract (2:45) is from Krishnamurti’s seventh talk in Saanen 1980, titled: Doubting Is Not the Same as Rejecting.

The second extract (29:38) is from the six talk in Ojai 1982, titled: Doubt Is a Great Purifier.

The final extract in this episode (39:27) is from the forth talk at Brockwood Park in 1974, titled: Doubt Is Necessary to Have No Illusion.

Each episode of the Krishnamurti podcast is compiled from carefully chosen extracts from the archives, representing different approaches to many of the fundamental issues we all face in our lives.

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