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Krishnamurti on Identification

April 6, 2022

‘When I identify myself with a group, idea, belief or conclusion, that identification is the very essence of being occupied with myself.’

This week’s episode on Identification has four sections.

The first extract (2:43) is from Krishnamurti’s first talk in Saanen 1978, titled ‘The movement of identification.’

The second extract (20:50) is from the eighth talk in Ojai 1949, titled ‘Identification is the basis of illusion’.

The third extract (35:30) is from Krishnamurti’s second talk in Saanen 1978, titled ‘Identification is occupation with oneself’.

The final extract in this episode (55:58) is from the sixth talk in Saanen 1977, titled ‘To find out the truth of death, all identification must end.’

Season three of the Krishnamurti podcast continues with the format of carefully chosen extracts from the philosopher’s talks. Each weekly episode focuses on a theme explored by Krishnamurti and the aim is to represent his different approaches to these universal topics.

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