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Krishnamurti on Innocence

October 5, 2022

‘The mind must be innocent, though it has gone through experiences. For the mind to realize that state of innocency, the accumulations of experience must come to an end.’

This week’s episode on Innocence has four sections.

The first extract (2:36) is from Krishnamurti’s ninth talk in Saanen 1964, titled: An Innocent Mind Is Empty of Experience.

The second extract (9:27) is from the second talk in Bombay 1967, titled: An Innocence Not Touched by Thought.

The third extract (24:20) is from Krishnamurti’s seventh talk in Saanen 1970, titled: Only an Innocent Mind Can See Truth.

The final extract in this episode (41:40) is from the seventh talk in London 1962, titled: The Innocent Mind Is a Religious Mind.

Each episode of the Krishnamurti podcast is compiled from carefully chosen extracts from our archives, representing Krishnamurti’s different approaches to fundamental issues we all face in our lives. This week’s theme is Innocence. Upcoming themes are Facts, Contradiction and Transformation.

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