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Krishnamurti on Krishnamurti Schools

September 7, 2022

‘We saw the necessity of a new school. The meaning of the word 'school' is leisure, leisure in which to learn; and a place where students and teachers can flower as human beings, without fear, without confusion, with great integrity.’

This week’s episode on Krishnamurti Schools has six sections.

The first extract (2:39) is from the first question and answer meeting at Brockwood Park in 1980, titled: Why do you have schools and foundations?

The second extract (9:30) is from the first question and answer meeting at Brockwood Park in 1981, titled: Do your schools create an elite atmosphere?

The third extract (18:36) is from the third question and answer meeting in Ojai 1982, titled: Why do people object to Krishnamurti schools?

The fourth extract (36:03) is from the second question and answer meeting at Brockwood Park in 1984, titled: Do your schools give students an understanding of the total human problem?

The fifth extract (45:50) is from a public discussion in Ojai 1975, titled: Can teachers and students uncondition themselves?

The final extract in this episode (51:22) is from Krishnamurti’s fourth talk in Saanen 1974, titled: Can we end violence in our children?

Each episode of the Krishnamurti podcast is compiled from carefully chosen extracts from our archives, representing Krishnamurti’s different approaches to fundamental issues we all face in our lives. Upcoming topics are Doubt, Reincarnation and Unity.

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