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Krishnamurti on Methods and Systems

August 31, 2022

‘Systems have been created by man in his search for security, and the search for security through systems is destroying man.’

This week’s episode on Methods and Systems has three sections.

The first extract (3:00) is from Krishnamurti’s second talk in Saanen 1968, titled ‘No system is going to help us’.

The second extract (25:26) is from the fourth talk in New York 1974, titled, ‘Systems are not sane’.

The final extract (53:40) in this episode is from Krishnamurti’s sixth talk in Ojai 1976, titled ‘Methods are mechanical’.

This final episode in Season 3 of the Krishnamurti podcast continues with the format of extracts carefully chosen from the philosopher’s talks. Each weekly episode focuses on a theme explored by Krishnamurti and the aim is to represent his different approaches to these universal topics.

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