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Krishnamurti on Struggle

May 4, 2022

‘There is a way of living without conflict and struggle. It doesn’t mean becoming lazy, the mind becoming stagnant or dull. This way of living without effort can only come about if we understand the whole process of contradiction.’

This week’s episode on Struggle has four sections.

The first extract (2:48) is from the 1974 film Problems of Living, titled ‘We are caught in the trap of endless struggle’.

The second extract (8:44) is from Krishnamurti’s third talk in Bombay 1962, titled ‘Why do we struggle?’

The third extract (33:44) is from the first question and answer meeting at Rajghat in 1981, titled ‘We struggle for everything’.

The final extract in this episode (44:00) is from the fourth talk at Brockwood Park in 1980, titled ‘Struggling to end all struggle’.

Season three of the Krishnamurti podcast continues with the format of carefully chosen extracts from the philosopher’s talks. Each weekly episode focuses on a theme explored by Krishnamurti and the aim is to represent his different approaches to these universal topics.

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