Urgency of Change - The Krishnamurti Podcast

Krishnamurti on War and Killing

March 9, 2022

‘Psychologically we are one. Unless human beings deeply realise this, we are going to have wars, we are going to be eternally in conflict.

This week’s episode on War and Killing has five sections.

The first extract (2:31) is from Krishnamurti’s first talk in Bombay 1984, titled ‘What is the cause of wars?’

The second extract (20:08) is from the first talk in New Delhi 1965, titled ‘Is there such thing as a righteous war?’

The third extract (33:16) is from Krishnamurti’s talk at the United Nations, New York 1984, titled ‘If there is no security in our relationships, that is the beginning of war.’

The fourth extract (58:07) is from the second question and answer meeting in Saanen 1982, titled ‘How can I not contribute to war?’

The final extract in this episode (1:07:52) is from the second question and answer meeting in Saanen 1984, titled ‘Can we live without bringing suffering or death?’

Season three of the Krishnamurti podcast continues with the format of carefully chosen extracts from the archives of philosopher’s talks. Each weekly episode focusses on a theme explored by Krishnamurti and the aim is to represent his different approaches to these universal topics.

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